That's Gotta Hurt!

Fond Du Lac Library had a BUNCH of DVD s stolen.
Story Here:
Library has rash of DVD thefts

Deployment of an IMM would stop that:
LAT IMM site


Library 2.0

library thing
Library Thing allows people to form a Social Network (A la Flickr or del.icio.us) from their own private libraries.


Libraries Top 1000 books

Shown: # 139
Cool Little Link.

Librarian Under Fire for Upholding Constitution

This is an incredible story - I truly hope they catch the guy and give him everything he deserves & then some - but in upholding the Constitution she also kept the case solid for the courts by insisting on a warrant, which was her main contention!

Michelle Reutty - tough gal!

More less RFID

This is the article from Wired about RFID that talks specifically about RFID weaknesses. Like all technologies, hopefully mistakes will cause learning.


Does RFID work?

I come across a number of articles almost daily that "blame" the lackluster success of RFID technology on its poor performance. I was surprised to learn that readers often don't read, and tags sometime don't respond. A typical success rate hovers anywhere at 90-97% performance, which may be ok for a casual observer, but really sucks for any industrial/high-volume settings, where errors are measured at 1 per million (ppm).

Any thoughts? Have you come across any RFID performance issues?


Man - what an edifice - it would be like stepping back in time if not for the cool new art they installed outside.

Baltimore library edifice

7 Deadly Email Sins

arcimboldo's librarian
Thanks to articles like this one I feel I'm clearer via email. I still send huge files, but thanks to BOX.net I'll probably post a link going forward. Hey if you think I'm a sinner, please let me know in the comments.