New pictures at Flickr

Well, we just posted more pictures of our equipment at flickr. Link is in the right sidebar.

Or here. or at the picture above.

But, having pointed you there, I will also state that you should not think of FlashScan as 2-ish configurations; FlashScan is whatever you want it to be. If you've got room for a large attache' case or more you've got a FlashScan.

We'll embed our units into your existing counter(s) - funiture you've chosen - furniture you've instructed us to obtain - whatever. So while the 907 remains one of the smallest and most portable units on the market and the MAX one of the lightest & cleverest (2 to 4 turn into a kiosk!) it can really be anything your imagination can come up with as long as there's a space for the electronics.

ANY security
and now..........ANY exterior