When Technology in the Library Sucks

Isn't if funny how the library is always defending its mistakes in front of the Board.  We see this often, but now someone actually wrote about it. 

The basic technology just doesn't work - they [library] wasted money and it still doesn't perform as needed, so instead of fixing the situation, they just ignore the entire thing and move on :)

Read more about it here.


"We have no money", so lets spend $22,600 for a router

Would you spend $22,600 for a router??

This is exactly what happens when people allocate money for a "purpose" without understanding the true needs.  Here we are, delivering a truly needed value to libraries with the critical technology to keep the operations flowing, fighting to save every penny, while some bureaucrats decide where the real money flows.

Read on, how some libraries in Virginia spend over $22,600 for routers in this economy ??!!@@??## 


Libraries just love our allCIRC-Cube

Take a look at an awesome write-up one of our allCIRC-Cube customers received about the system.  This not only saves them money in security expenses, but also eliminates theft.

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Who needs libraries? WE DO !!

Libraries are much needed resources.  The worst the economy gets, the more libraries serve as a focal point of the community, providing much needed resources.  Read more.


Awesome Book Shelf for Libraries

Is this cool or what?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on Meganite surface circulation desk tops, libraries should spend on stuff like this, I think.  Will certainly encourage people to come to the library :)  Don't you think?

We resell this.  Just call us.


Library Discuss DVD Thefts

We all know it, we all see it, but few want to admit to it - its going on everyday. With tools like Craigslist and Ebay, there are countless of these small "enterprises" that use the library DVD collection as a free supplier of content to sell.  Ingenuity or theft, in either case, the library looses ... and we sell more Cubes :)



RFID, really?

I had a conversation with someone from NY area library at the recent PLA show, and these are her exact words:

"Our customers still find ways of stealing. They tear out the RFID tags and walk out with our material. We loose many of our DVDs that way. "

Is this really true? Is it this easy to tear those things off, or do they just simply break them? We know from experience that many have quite a few "choice words" to say about the disappointment with RFID especially when it comes to security, but I just didn't think people would actually remove the tags (its just as easy to shield it with foil).

What are your thoughts and experiences?