So, Feel Good - You're Not Just a Free Blockbuster


Libraries - one of the last bastions of cultural elegance in our pay-as-you-go-all-is-capitalism- there-is-no-society-as-in-Europe-or-the-America-of-the-past-what-do-you-want-a-free-ride-you-librarians-are-stealing-the-food-out-of-my-children's-mouths-hey.while-we're-on-the-subject-why-do-we-even-need-public-radio-I've-got-Rush-on-the-good-ol'-AM-and-I'll-tell-ya-these-welfare-mothers-have-got-it-down-to-a-science-and-did-I-mention-Obama-is-an-Arab-name "civilization" we're living in for the past, oh, I dunno, 8 years or so.....

LINK: "CLEVELAND (AP) — Libraries are lending more books, DVDs and other materials as patrons turn to free entertainment offerings during tough economic times."

VHS: Don't Let The Door Hit Ya In Your Clunky Giant Plastic Carcass On The Way Out....

Link to: Newark, OH Library sells off their VHS collection:

"The decision to move to an all-DVD collection was brought about by several factors, including decreasing circulation and video cassette deterioration."

Now how 'bout that allCIRC? Yeah !!

The Disc Form Factor is not Obsolete

Download schmownload.......

LINK TO A SMART LIBRARY: Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray!

Hey, why not institute a means to prevent their theft that is cost effective and just plain effective?

Human Intervention Not Helping in R-rated Borrowing

LINK: Theaters and video stores usually require an age of 17 or older to see or rent an R-Rated release, unless there is parental permission. But something altogether different is going on in some local libraries.

"We sent two 11-year-old girls to the DVD and video section in this Boston library.

Both picked out "R" rated movies and then checked them out.

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"Did a librarian say, 'Hey wait a second you don't look like you're 17?'"

Gillian, 11-year-old

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"They just said go ahead?"

Gillian, 11-year-old

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"Did anybody ask, 'Do your parents know that you're renting this rated "R" movie?'"

Gillian, 11-year-old

And it doesn't just happen once!"

A robotic device like an allCIRC can prevent these types of issues from occurring - it obeys your ILS rules every time......

Charging for DVDs is OK - It's called NOT FOR PROFIT

St. Paul libraries considers charging for DVD rentals - TwinCities.com:

$20,000: What the St. Paul Public Libraries systems spends each year to buy DVDs

$1.6 million: The system's annual budget for all new materials

$22: Its cost per feature-film DVD

More than $22: Its cost per educational DVD

50 cents: Daily fee to rent DVDs from most Ramsey County libraries

Zero: Current cost to rent DVDs from Minneapolis or St. Paul