Human Intervention Not Helping in R-rated Borrowing

LINK: Theaters and video stores usually require an age of 17 or older to see or rent an R-Rated release, unless there is parental permission. But something altogether different is going on in some local libraries.

"We sent two 11-year-old girls to the DVD and video section in this Boston library.

Both picked out "R" rated movies and then checked them out.

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"Did a librarian say, 'Hey wait a second you don't look like you're 17?'"

Gillian, 11-year-old

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"They just said go ahead?"

Gillian, 11-year-old

Jonathan Hall, 7News
"Did anybody ask, 'Do your parents know that you're renting this rated "R" movie?'"

Gillian, 11-year-old

And it doesn't just happen once!"

A robotic device like an allCIRC can prevent these types of issues from occurring - it obeys your ILS rules every time......

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