Weeding? Get Your Library Friends to Make These....


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"Soooooooo, our Friends of the Library have books left over after our annual Book Sale, and we offered gleaning rights to the Women's Shelter and the Children's Shelter, and the VA Hospital, and various other groups, and there were STILL books left over. I hate the thought of books going to the dumpster, or to the landfill!!! But what's a body to DO??!!!Enter the idea of a Bookshelf made from books............and.........TA DAH!
They were DOOMED Embarrassed, marked for DESTRUCTION.........and they've been SNATCHED from the JAWS of DEATH ITSELF!Transformed into USEFUL Shelves of BEAUTY!!

4 megs!?!? Keep the book, just loan the tag!

HP has developed a new passive RFID tag that hold tons of data.
Ozma of Oz is only 216K for gosh sakes!!


The Intelligent Media Manager in ACTION !!

The Intelligent Media Manager in action. Simple to use. Fast operation. Easy for librarians. If you want more info about the IMM, look HERE

Do we rock, or what?


Why We Opted Out of ALA Summer This Year

We were on the road at that time period presenting our cool solutions FlashScan & IMM to several consortiums and individual libraries. Orders have really been up as well, with the commensurate project management responsibilities we all bear that makes happy clients.

Having said that, ALA Summer is like Woodstock (minus the mud), companies get lost in the morass (17,000 attendees!), and it becomes sort of a gamble as to whether the right people will see you as well as a gamble that your communication is being clearly heard. By example, I had more than one librarian currently interested in establishing a relationship with us say that they "wanted to come by the booth but there were so many meetings" after PLA in Boston, a much smaller show.

Business is just nuts right now (which we love), we wouldn't trade the library market for any other, we'll have streaming video of the IMM on our blog sometime next week and we're beginning creation of several new information tools for our site. So long story short, we weren't there because things are great! We'll still do plenty of shows, though - we LIKE doing ALA - and I'll keep you posted.

Link Fixed on Banned Books Entry

Here it is again anyway.


....AND a FlashScan self-check! ..........AND an IMM!

Hey, if there was a FlashScan self check, he might want to grab some books!

Cool List of Banned and Challenged Books

HERE'S THE LINK The Owner of the site states: "The books listed on my site were all challenged on some grounds by groups who wished to impose restrictions on them. Some were removed from reading lists, some were removed from school or public libraries, some were burned in bonfires. I do not claim that all of the books in my list are for the same age group, nor do I believe they are all equally suitable for academic reading lists. I merely report documented challenges to books, and in some cases poke fun at the rationale used by those who object to the works mentioned.

I put the website together because I did not find any of the specific rationale for challenging the works I list compelling in any way. In fact, many of the reasons were quite humorous. I believe that books, and children, are individuals, and none deserve to be labelled."

Now go and read the lyrics to XTC's "Books Are Burning"


58% of the US adult population never reads another book after high school.


An enormous list of statistics about books. Other statistics include: 57% of new books are not read to completion, 70% of US adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years, and 70% of the books published do not make a profit.

My favorite Snippet:
Libraries The library market was $3-billion in 1993. 68% of Baker & Taylor's sales are to libraries.


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