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I'd better lay off the cologne..........

People ask me what working with librarians is like (I know, I've said this before) and I tell 'em that librarians have even tougher challenges than retail, while having to be tolerant at the same time. This renders your average librarian into a clever alert flexible individual, usually fueled to a degree by humor, or in the case of British librarians, humour.

This rule of conduct from a US library website illustrates a typical flexibility-growing challenge:

"Any person creating or emanating an odor that can be detected from six feet away,
will be asked to leave the library until the situation can be corrected. Before
ejecting any patron who creates such a disturbance, the acting librarian shall
contact by telephone appointed representatives to act in an advisory capacity. If
the representative determines that the person is not making a disturbance, the
patron shall not be ejected. In the event the representative does not arrive within
30 minutes, the patron can be evicted."

So, in short, stinky can't be kicked out until fair play is established. Clothespins for the nose optional.

Now go and hug a librarian - but have a bath, first.