Why We Opted Out of ALA Summer This Year

We were on the road at that time period presenting our cool solutions FlashScan & IMM to several consortiums and individual libraries. Orders have really been up as well, with the commensurate project management responsibilities we all bear that makes happy clients.

Having said that, ALA Summer is like Woodstock (minus the mud), companies get lost in the morass (17,000 attendees!), and it becomes sort of a gamble as to whether the right people will see you as well as a gamble that your communication is being clearly heard. By example, I had more than one librarian currently interested in establishing a relationship with us say that they "wanted to come by the booth but there were so many meetings" after PLA in Boston, a much smaller show.

Business is just nuts right now (which we love), we wouldn't trade the library market for any other, we'll have streaming video of the IMM on our blog sometime next week and we're beginning creation of several new information tools for our site. So long story short, we weren't there because things are great! We'll still do plenty of shows, though - we LIKE doing ALA - and I'll keep you posted.

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