Barcodes anywhere video, or "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em"

We did this video today to illustrate that we have the ability to read barcodes anywhere with our FlashScan units. We did front, back, inside, on the long end of a VHS, the back of a CD ....went a little nuts in the end tho...hey it hammers home our point.

With scores of current installations, these scanning engines have proven to be able to process virtually any type of barcode with poor quality barcodes and/or poor lighting conditions. The engine is fully microprocessor driven and progressive scans up to 52 scans and 1650 scans of the barcodes per second to mathematically provide the “best scan”. With this capability, our engine has a far greater chance to read poorly printed or damaged barcodes.

The barcode can be presented to the scanner in a variety of ways (in-line, upside-down, inverted, …etc) and will be read by the scanner appropriately. Internal validation mechanisms are in place to ignore non-library specific barcodes, such as UPC or ISBN codes often found to confuse patrons. (cool!) If the library wishes, a special prompt can be enabled that would read the “wrong” barcode type and let the patron know that they need to look for a library-specific barcode.

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