Wouldn't it be nice?

As president and CEO of #1 fastest growing company in SJ, I am always on the lookout for various opportunities that can further help libraries with their technology issues. And, as always, I go through myriad of ideas, what-if's and other scenarious to try to find the "next thing".

Having being recently voted as one of the 40 most influencial persons under 40 years of age ("40 under 40"), I was asked a question of what I would love to see different in my market space. Interestingly, my answer nearly matched the answer given by others. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT... was one of the most common replies by the other 39 recepients.

I and others wished that our customers would be a lot more forthcoming with what they need...hence the title of this entry. Often times, firms go through a lot of effort and resources to come up with what will work in the marketplace, only to find out that all they needed to do was ask. Unfortunately, people with good ideas, especially in the library market (not sure why), tend to shy away from voicing these ideas to others. Whether its because of being ridiculed, or false sense of fear for their job, or just shyness...but it is these people that give rise to great products, if only they would TALK or EMAIL.

So... for the fear of rambling to much, I offer this as an open invitation to email me directly (info@latcorp.com) your needs, ideas, concerns, wish-lists and yes, even complaints so that we can get to the end-result and deliver solutions to you-our customers faster and quicker.



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