The Message behind self service kiosk interfaces

Mark Hurst from the goodexperiences.com blog
"Digital user interfaces like websites and kiosks are especially telling, because they combine many aspects of the company - marketing, technology, branding, and the service value itself - into a small area of on-screen real estate. Customer-centered home pages tend to be made by the most customer-centered organizations."

Which begs the question: "How can I reflect that my library cares about the customer (patron) via their self-check experience?

Some librarians (and even boards!) think that by installing self-check you're losing contact with the patron experience, while blindly forging ahead with more books, more media, and less staff to do it with.

That's why we at LAT developed the interface we have. Because it DOES make a

No splash page, waiting for the patron to guess the next step...
we have a repeating Flash animation (friendlier, bigger, brighter) that can guide you through a transaction without words or sounds - even though we have them

8 languages to show the diversity of patrons that we care about all of them

and billboard & browser windows to help throughout the transaction.

By buying a FlashScan self check, you do more than just provide freedom for both patrons and librarians alike - you make statement that you care about them.

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