LAT’s keywords are Flexibility – Innovation – Collaboration. But without the outer two, we can’t get to the inner one – innovation. So while we are always saying that “Librarians design our equipment!” by virtue of the fact that their observation of technology in that real-world environment cannot be replicated in our labs (and boy, do we try!), we still tend to be amazed what does present itself in the real world some time.

Phone boxes are being decommissioned all over the UK and a library in Somerset, Westbury-sub-Mendip, has decided to turn one into a 24/7/365 self service lending library! Come in, all one of you, take a book, and return it whenever you like.

Wait a minute…. Did we say “real world? When you think about it, it'd be a great way to sort of float your weeds for a while.....

.....but we don't have cool phone booths here in the US!

Full story here and/or here

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