Breathtaking QTVR of Venetian Libraries

I'm one of those people who feels that the Internet is intended to be a multimedia experience, ultimately. It's sort of the opposite of the convergence idea that cable TV operators had when they first started CableLabs. The TV does not display text well, everybody reads at differing paces and the interface was to unanimously dumbed down to provide any real interactivity. With HDTV larger screens and the public's familiarity with mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts, it could happen now, but cable TV still does not get it. My dream: to be able to pause TCM and go to IMDb to figure out who an actress or director was. Are they close? No.

Enough ranting. The whole multimedia thing has led to this- me guiding you to these QTVR images of The Marciana Library in Venice. If you've never viewed QTVR, just drag your mouse up and down, left and right to look inside the views- shift zoom in and ctrl zooms out. (I've even done a few) If you useta look at QTVR and figured it was gimmicky, you haven't looked lately - expert photographers documenting spaces with better and better equipment.

Anway the link is here and at the image below:

Hey, a nice break from the usual Buy our products line huh?

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