Don't Fence Me In

Dale Ricklefs, the director of Round Rock Public Library in a recent discussion told us that after instituting Our FlashScan MAX units (shown below in the cool back to back "kiosk" positioning) she instructed her tem to spend time out on the floor introducuing the public to our easy-to-use units. As a result, circulation through these relatively new machines has gone to 30% of all transactions. She agreed with me, and we have seen this happen, that if the staff is not coached to buy in to the advantages of having a self check, and resistant to the idea, self check will not thrive, no matter how innovative the technology.

In environments where staff understands that self check contributes to Patron privacy and efficiency, and does not replace them (a preposterous idea!) self check usage jumps, and librarians find themselves assisting patrons with more meaningful problems other than handing them a book, in a library that is neater and better run.

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