Lil' Tiny Librarian Supports Constitution

It must have been quite a dilemma owing to the fact that the case was about a missing girl, but Judith Flint of Kimball Public Library in Randolph VT helped the Police not have their case thrown out, while protecting her, and her library's, liability.

The question really is: Don't the police there understand even the most rudimentary legalities? Why would you so flagrantly defy legal rules just so you could lose in court? While the case ended tragically, (the girl in question murdered by her uncle) the evidence would have not be submissible. It's a life and death situation, and standing fast for the warrant must have been difficult and she was inappropriately placed in that role- but it was the right thing to do.

Another question remains: Why does it take 8 hours to get a warrant in life and death situations? How preoccupied are the judges?

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