Small Mammal Can Vanquish Small Insect

Here's a question:
How do you want your self check? Small mammal style?

We were looking at this article:
Local library has cockroach problem
and we jokingly said to each other, "Why don't we offer to build them a self check with a bug zapper that only turns on when a patron isn't using it?" But then we realized, hey - that's what we're about ......

When the dinosaurs were for the most part rendered extinct, it was the small mammals that thrived and developed as the preeminent next phase. They were able to move quickly, fit in places that a large slow, difficult to maneuver, animal couldn't, and most importantly - they evolved to the environment around them. LAT looks at you (libraries and librarians) as its environment and our evolution is dependent on the demands you put upon us. Just as you change for your patrons, we change for you. This is evident in the development of the allCIRC and the MAXine.

So next time you need an purple self check that shoots tranquilizer darts at only patrons with excessive fines, call us - we'll make it.

Or next time you need a self check that will microwave a toll house cookie during a transaction - call us.

Or if you just need the best self check, call us.

(856-566-4121, BTW)

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